BISC Cosmetics

BISC Cosmetics

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Beauty Is Colour

BISC Cosmetics is a Black-owned cosmetic and skincare brand based in Toronto, founded by esthetician, aesthetician, cosmetic formulator, and cosmetologist Bankole Tutu Fausat. Tutu’s passion for makeup and cosmetic products led to the creation of BISC Cosmetics. The brand is dedicated to sustainability, aiming to provide natural, effective, and high-quality products that address issues such as acne, blemishes, skin discoloration, and eczema. BISC Cosmetics also prioritizes customer education on proper skincare practices and skin health evaluation.

To compete with larger online brands, BISC Cosmetics wanted to revamp their best-selling adult and kids skincare products with a more modern and clean look while retaining the bronze and gold elements of their original brand identity. After researching their competitive landscape, we developed a solution that showcased intricate, hand-drawn illustrations of their primary ingredients or product benefits with a faded illustration design in the background.

For their adult products, we retained their black and gold color palette and added gold accents. For their children’s products, we created a muted yellow and brown color palette with gold accents.

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