Divine Extensions

Divine Extensions

Strategy, Creative Direction, 3D Scenes, Graphic Design


Welcome to the Dollhouse

Divine Extensions’ 2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing Campaign was all about taking their brand to the next level. The goal was to elevate their doll-like photoshoot images, and that’s exactly what we did!

Upon reviewing their photoshoot images, we came up with an innovative approach that involved creating 3D Doll House scenes and seamlessly integrating their images into them.

We designed three distinct scenes – a living room, a pool area, and a bedroom – each featuring a unique marketing message. The living room boasted a neon “Doll House” sign, a vanity set, a crown, and a hot pink convertible, while the pool scene showcased a pink circle float, a beach chair, a cocktail, and a glass sculpture. Lastly, the bedroom scene flaunted pink Barbie-like furniture.

The lighting in each scene was carefully chosen to represent Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Bright and bold hues were used to create a sense of excitement and urgency, while darker tones added a touch of mystery and sophistication.

In short, we helped Divine Extensions stand out in a crowded market by delivering a captivating marketing campaign that left a lasting impression on its target audience.

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