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The Light

Kanea, which translates to “The Light” in Akan, is a Ghanaian clothing brand with operations in Toronto and Accra. They strive to inspire people with their unique designs, which reflect the authentic symbolism and roots of Ghana. Their clothing is a blend of street, casual, and cultural wear, and their goal is to constantly build and celebrate cultural stories through bold, expressive, and confident designs. Each piece tells a unique story.

We had the privilege of collaborating closely with their Founder, Danny Agyei, to design their limited edition “Lotus Flower Set”. With Danny’s guidance, we created stunning floral arrangements and placed them strategically on the set. This unisex set was Kanea’s first product to sell out within a week of launching the brand in September 2021.

To showcase Kanea’s first collection, we developed a responsive E-Commerce website on the Shopify Platform. Inspired by popular luxury brands, the website features a Lookbook-style layout with high-quality, warm-toned lifestyle images and modern, clean product shots. Additionally, the website includes a complete Lookbook of all the campaign’s images.

Get a closer look at the Kanea Brand at www.kanea.ca and purchase the Lotus Flower Set here.

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