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Once In A Love Time

Loves Time is a socially responsible Black-owned Toronto-based brand that specializes in creating high-quality products designed to enhance intimacy for individuals, partners, and even groups. Their goal is to provide customers with luxurious and affordable intimacy products that elevate their experiences.

Our team was approached by Loves Time to create packaging for their Love Wipes, a biodegradable disposable wet towelette formulated to cleanse skin and toys before and after intimacy. The packaging needed to be gender-neutral and incorporate the brand’s identity, including its colors and typeface styles. After extensive research of their competitive landscape, we designed a sleek black and white package with red accents that effectively displayed the product’s features using clear symbols.

Given the tight project timeframe, we provided Loves Time with a solution to create a 3D object of the Love Wipes. This allowed them to create 3D scenes for their website and social media marketing, showcasing the product in different settings.

As part of our work with Loves Time, we helped launch their Love Wipes by designing a website that effectively showcased the brand’s identity, as well as the product’s features and benefits. The website’s homepage and product page incorporated the product feature symbols from the Love Wipes packaging to reinforce brand consistency and recognition.

In addition, we utilized the 3D models created earlier to design scenes that accurately depicted where Loves Time’s target audience would be using the Love Wipes. By visually representing the product’s usage in various settings, we were able to further reinforce the product’s value proposition and increase its appeal to potential customers.

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