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Jai Nice, a successful businesswoman and influencer, has released the second edition of her popular cookbook series, “Supreme Kuisine & Many More Tingz,” following the great success of her first cookbook, “Kuisine & Tingz.” This upgraded version includes more easy-to-follow recipes that cater to mothers, and vegans, and feature some of Jai’s supporters’ favorite recipes that can be used with Kitchen Envy Cookware.

Collection of Behind The Scene Images of Kitchen Envy Supreme Kuisine and Tingz Cookbook Production

To ensure that the content for the cookbook is fun, bright, and creative, while still looking delicious and easy to make, our team worked with writers, photographers, and videographers within a 21-day time period. Our goal was to create compelling content not only for the cookbook but also for Jai’s and Kitchen Envy’s social media channels and the marketing campaign.

Kitchen Envy Supreme Kuisine and Tingz Cookbook laid out on green backdrop

To maintain consistency with the first cookbook’s branding, we designed 3D Scenes for the marketing campaign. We also designed flashy GIF animations showcasing some of the mouthwatering recipes, recipe graphics highlighting the beautiful and high-quality imagery, motion graphics, and stop motion graphics of some of the recipes. Due to time constraints, we also designed a fun and bright back cover ensuring it matched the rest of the content created.

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