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Bringing a Healthy Lifestyle to the African Diaspora 

E.Aferi was brought on board to help The Juice Organics, an organic food and beverage company, create a brand identity system, collateral, and packaging that would appeal to the Millennial Diaspora Africans residing within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Millennials in Ghana. The Juice Organics is committed to providing healthy, sustainable, and 100% organic wholesome foods and drinks while ensuring that customers don’t have to deal with the guilt that often accompanies making unhealthy food choices

Our agency was tasked with creating a brand identity system, collateral, and packaging that would appeal to the Millennial Diaspora Africans living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Millennials in Ghana. To achieve this, we designed a bold, clean, and noticeable wordmark that would be prominent on all their products. We also added a splash droplet element to play on the word “The Juice,” which is prominently displayed on their juice and smoothie packaging.

Once the brand identity elements were finalized, we created customized cold-pressed juice and smoothie labels that featured hand-drawn elements to make them feel unique to each customer. The product labels featured a bold, hand-drawn ink typeface for the product name with hand-drawn illustrations of the product ingredients. Each label also had space on the back where the customer’s name could be handwritten, giving them a personalized touch.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we were unable to have a photo shoot to showcase the company’s extensive range of cold-pressed juices and smoothies. To overcome this challenge, we created 28 3D scenes using 3D models of their products and ingredients to display each product.

To showcase The Juice Organics’ collection of juices and smoothies, we created motion graphics with animated 3D renders of the products. Each motion graphic video had an instrumental from a current AfroBeat song, which helped to engage their target audience.

For The Juice’s launch campaign, The Juice worked with Ghanaian artists and influencers, including Sister Deborah, Wanluv The Kubolour, Big Ghun, JK, EBaby Kobby, and Dantelle. The influencers were filmed trying The Juice’s beverages and food and gave a live review of their experience. We repurposed this video review into GIFs that featured phrases in Ghanaian Pidgin English and Twi, which could be used on social media to engage customers who purchased their products.

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