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The Juice Organics

Creative Direction, Branding, Collateral, Packaging, 3D Models & 3D Scenes, Motion Graphics, Animated GIFS

Six Copies of Kitchen Envy Supreme Kuisine and Tingz Books being displayed with green background

Supreme Kuisine & Tingz

Strategy, Project Management, Creative Direction, Branding, Editorial Design, 3D Models & 3D Scenes, Marketing Campaign, GIPHY Stickers

Gold Branded Cookware Pot Handle

Mersi Cookware

Branding, Creative Direction, Collateral, Web Design & Development, Packaging Design

Love Wipes

Creative Direction, Packaging Design, Web Design & Development, 3D Models & 3D Scenes

Kaviar Hair Co.

Strategy, Branding, Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing


Clothing Design, Creative Direction, Web Design & Development, Marketing Collateral

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